Silk Elements Honey Blonde Semi Permanent Hair Color Honey Blonde Review

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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the Silk Elements Honey Blonde Semi Permanent Hair Color Honey Blonde.

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Our rating: 3 / 10


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  • Long-lasting color
  • Natural-looking results
  • Made with semi-permanent ingredients
  • Gentle on hair
  • No ammonia


  • Doesn’t cover gray very well
  • Not ideal for darker hair

This hair color, available in stores nationwide, is named “Outed” after a term for the much-darned and discolored section of hair atop women's crowns.

“All the other colors were so masculine – black, grey, brown,” says Silk Elements CEO and cofounder Alice Keeler, “but no one was paying attention to the fact that women all have these layers of faded color and they're incomplete. So we just went around to all of these salons, asking, ‘What are the worst mistakes that you see women making? And why are they making them?’ And then we developed a color to cover up all those mistakes.”

Henna is a plant-based dye, which is continually used in many cultures for different hair, skin, and nail color purposes. In recent years, henna has extended to hair coloring, particularly for blondes, but with variations on the traditional ingredient. Instead of adding henna, manufacturers are mixing in other plant-based ingredients into their products, which work in a manner similar to the chemical-based permanent hair dyes.

Honey Blonde by Silk Elements is one such brand, as well as one of the favorites in this up-and-coming section of coloring products. The final result is a blonde shade with a gorgeous creamy consistency, which will not stain your skin or clothes while blending in and giving a professional-looking color job.

The Semi-Permanent hair color product (which is also known as a “Developer product”) delivers amazing honey-blonde-blond color on brunette to light blond hair. Honey Blonde is like a customized shade, which varies from person-to-person depending on your natural pigment. The shade is deeper in the root area, and lighter and more diluted near the ends of the hair.

Silk Elements, like other hair color lines, provides a deep conditioning treatment in the bottle, in the form of a spray. It is one of the best treatment sprays in the industry, as it hydrates and nourishes the hair while coating it with the dye to protect against color fading and damage, and naturally sealing the cuticle to make it easier to care for.

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