SHANY The Masterpiece 7 Layers All In One Makeup Set -“Original” Review

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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the SHANY The Masterpiece 7 Layers All In One Makeup Set -"Original".

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  • True 7 layers
  • Sturdy plastic case
  • Variety of colors
  • Compatible with all brush sizes

The SHANY Masterpiece 7 Layers All In One Makeup Set features all the essentials needed to create a flawless look. This set can be used to create the perfect base, add color to the complexion, and, of course, line the eyes. With 7 different palettes and 32 different shades; this set has almost everything a woman needs to create the perfect look.

This set has 7 different palettes, ranging from Shadows, Foundation, and Eyes. Each palette is a little different than the other as far as the colors are concerned, but all of them are vital in creating the perfect look.

The shadows in this set are more for a natural look, while the foundation is perfect for concealing. Both are used to make the best possible look. The eyeshadows are great at accentuating the eyes, but for a simple look, they can also be used to create eyeliner and mascara. The eyeshadows are also perfect for adding color to the brows.
The foundation and compact powders in this set are great for creating a light, airy base and setting loose powders. Using a compact powder can help to keep your makeup in place no matter what you are doing.

Overall the SHANY Masterpiece 7 Layers All In One Makeup Set is perfect for anyone who is notifying to create the perfect look for any occasion. A perfect everyday makeup essential, this set has nearly everything needed to make any look come together.

If you are an actor looking for the perfect makeup set for filming an interview, this is the set to choose. The original sets of powders and foundation are perfect for creating the perfect base and creating a great look. This set is also perfect for any woman who is looking for a great concealer. In addition to having a concealer; the set also includes a flaw concealer.

The three palettes that come with the set add color and dimension to the foundation. They also create a great base to add the perfect amount of concealer, giving you the coverage you need. The three palettes that come with the set also are great for contouring. The set comes with three great palettes for eyeliner; making this set great for anyone.

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