SHANY 96 Color Runway Matte Eye shadow Palette Review

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This is our detailed product review for the SHANY 96 Color Runway Matte Eye shadow Palette.

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  • Great for Makeup Artists
  • Quality, long-lasting
  • Affordable


  • Too many color choices
  • Smaller eye shadows

When looking at the SHANY 96 Eye Shadow Palette, it is important to first understand the palette's color range. The palette, through the use of 96 eye shadow singles, offers a variety of hot and neutral shades that allow the user to create a dramatic or natural look in accordance to the user's natural eye color. The Eye Shadow singles offer high pigmentation with saturated colors that are designed to neither run nor fade over time.

With the eye shadow singles are also a range of mattes, shimmers, and glitter options. Many of the eye shadow colors created by SHANY offer a shimmering effect that allows for a variety of look creation. These shimmering, or metallic, eye shadows provide for a range of finishing styles due in part to the amount of shimmers or sparkles offered.

The palette is also easy to use because of the way it is designed. The lens system found on the inside of the palette is a proper fit for the eye shadow pans. This allows the user to shuffle eye shadow colors from one side to another without the worry of the eye shadows dropping out of the pans. Also, the pan locks found on the powder caps give the user the ability to ensure the eye shadow pans are not coming off of the palette.

The palette itself is made with hard plastic and a clear plastic cover. The hard plastic allows for the pans to stand without tipping over. The clear plastic cover allows you to see the eye shadows in the pan without the need of opening the clear cover.

Through the use of a pair of tweezers, you can look though the eye shadow catalog to pick out the color you're looking for. Also, the colors can be applied to the eye area, through the use of a eyelid primer. Such a primer, such as MAC Star Violet is helpful in reducing the powdery residue that can build up within the eye and show through on the eyelid.

The palette itself can be carried and used all over the face. It isn't made with a mirror, so expect to bring one in person if you want to make sure of the final product. The palette is also able to be gifted. One great way to present the palette as a gift is by putting all of the eyeshadows together. This can allow the person receiving the gift to choose which colors they want and help decorate the inside of the palette with a customized gift wrap.

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