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We had our experts take a look at the Spa Gift Basket to provide you with the inside scoop on its qualities.

Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

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The Spa Basket by Lovestee is a perfect gift for those who enjoy and love relaxation. This set includes a shower gel, hand lotion, body lotion, shower gel, shower foam, bath soap as well as a bath salt.

The set Includes Lavender – This aromatic and exotic flower gets a bad reputation due to it's high therapeutic and medicinal values. But for aromatherapy and in perfumery, it is one of the most venerable of flowers. The human nose can detect 1,000 different scents in lavender, which accounts for its healing powers, however that is only one half of its performance. The fragrance from lavender has a proven ability to induce deep relaxation and sleep.

Lavender has been used in hospitals and poor homes for centuries, and the plant is still used in hospitals for people recovering from surgery and patients with anxiety and depression. This plant has been used in combination with sage and chamomile for teas as well as with valerian, which is believed to help with chronic insomnia.

Green Tea – Green tea is high in antioxidants and can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis and heart disease. It can also be used as the basis for skin care formulations – a study in Japan, found green tea to be a great additive to acne-treatment products. The antioxidants help to firm the skin & prevent wrinkles.

Chocolate – The antioxidant properties of chocolate have been shown to reduce blood pressure. It can also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain & helps improve blood flow to the brain. It is also said to be an ally in the fight against Alzheimer's.

Two other things added in this gift basket are the flower bath and flower soap sponge. The flower bath is a lovely fragrance that goes well with any bath tub or spa – this gift basket has taken the stress away from buying one.

The flower soap sponge does not only help to clean the skin but leaves it smelling nice. You can also use this to clean your body for maximum results.

This gift basket is sure to help a loved one relax after a busy day or will leave them feeling refreshed for the holidays and continuing on.


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