Exclusive New Instant Look in a Palette Review

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We had our experts take a look at the Exclusive New Instant Look in a Palette to provide you with the inside scoop on its qualities.

Does the good reputation hold up or not? Let’s find out!

Our rating: 4 / 10

Cost: $$$

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  • Prime and prep the skin with the complexion bronze and glow
  • Apply the contour and sculpting shade to the hollows of the cheeks, temples and jaw line, or use as a light eyeshadow to create a defined look
  • A perfect complement to the healthy, dewy and glowing blush look
  • A well-defined eye requires three shades – a transition, contour and lid colour, and that's just what this palette offers.


  • Although this palette offers more than most it is still only a starting point, and is not designed to give you a professional finish.
  • The shades are not true to the skin tones they're designed to correct.

Charlotte Tilbury describes this product as a cat eye mascara wand housed inside a palette. The range of colors allows you to create a wide variety of eye looks, and the fact that they are housed in a palette makes it easily portable.

The main color is a shimmering grayish blue, but one side of the eye has a larger amount of pigment. This allows you to use the eye looks that are on the inside and use your fingers to layer on more pigment.

Overall this item is good for someone who wants to explore different colors. If you are unsure if you want to explore building your palette this is a good place to start. For someone who is just getting into eye looks, this is a good way to try all the colors and create a palette without being afraid to use them.

It seems that tilbury is not only a makeup artist but entrepreneur as well. She is known for her hot dog product. Not only is it providing an opportunity for Charlotte Tilbury to give back, but giving her customers a chance to do something different and unique.

Eye Smoke is an exclusive product that was just released on October 26, 2015. Eye Smoke is a standalone palette of two eye looks packaged in a metal case. The combination of this metal case and the product itself contribute to the fact that this item was designed to be portable. Charlotte Tilbury has made a design that makes eye looks portable and convenient for all of her customers.

The color palette for Eye Smoke is what makes the product so unique. It is full of a variety of colors that can be mixed together to create an endless amount of looks.

Charlotte Tilbury uses her artistic ability to create unique eye looks for her customers. For someone who is unsure of the right color combination to use to create the look, having Eye Smoke will show them multiple options. Tilbury also uses the palette to experiment with multiple looks, then takes them back to the customers in the metal case that they created.

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