Caruso Professional Large Molecular Replacement Steam Hair Rollers Review

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In this article we’ll put the spotlight on the Caruso Professional Large Molecular Replacement Steam Hair Rollers.

We’ll provide you with all the detailed information you could need. You just need to make your own final decision.

Our rating: 8 / 10

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  • The gentle heat will keep your hair more elastic and manageable.
  • The holder is very easy to use, it will keep the shells in place, to make sure the hair will not get your eyes and face.


  • The price, considering that you can't use it that often.
  • The price, considering that you can't use it that often.

The Caruso Professional Large Molecular Replacement Rollers are a great option for anyone who is looking to get more curl and volume in their hair. You will burn less of your styling product, because when these rollers are used they create more natural curls. The multiple roller sizes will provide a variety of styles, so you will have your hair done in no time.

Each of these rollers is 1-1/2 inches and will create a great volume and curl in your hair. The unique design allows for quicker evaporation of the water that you are using. You will get a faster styling time and will not have to wait with fragile looking curls.

Another pro is that you have a high-quality product that will not only last you for a long time, but it will also keep your hair looking soft and healthy. They come with a 5-year dury that you will not have to worry about the quality of your product. They are also made in the USA so you know that they will not only last a long time but are also made by people that are just as passionate about the quality of their product as you are.

The only con that comes with these rollers is they do not retain the curl that they create when they first are put in your hair. If you are looking to be able to wear your hair down at the bottom of your curls, then this might not be the best option for you.

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