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It's been long overdue, but today we finally got around to publishing our expert review on the BR deluxe makeup palette.

Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

Our rating: 8 / 10

Cost: $

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  • Large dual color palette
  • Can be replaced with a refill (sold separately)
  • Easy and clean application
  • Contains blushes, bright colors, and deep colors


  • It is a little hard to open
  • Sold by different online retailers at different prices

This Play video was shot soon after the release of their deluxe makeup set, which contains 64 different colors and has tons of applicators. The colors are so bold and numerous, that they can easily take up the space needed for people who are just starting to use makeup. The colors go on smoothly and easily, which is good because I know a lot of people will be intimidated at first by the variety of colors in the set.

However, one issue with this set is that that it only works for the eyes and can't be used for the lips or cheeks. This means it will only be able to be used to enhance your natural look, but not to replace what is already there. It can be used as a year round kit because it can be used by both men and women, but it could be improved if it came with an extra few colors for the lips and cheeks.

One of the chief reasons why people should buy this set is that it is made in the US. It has the highest level of build quality because of the materials it is made of, and it can be used for years. The colors are all bright and bold, so it allows people to experiment with colors that aren't natural to their skin tone, which is good for people who are just starting to use makeup.

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