Ardell Individuals Duralash Combo Pack Starter Kit 1 ea Review

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Today we're bringing to you our detailed review of the Ardell Individuals Duralash Combo Pack Starter Kit 1 ea.

In this review, we made things as simple as possible for you to form your opinion.

Our rating: 7 / 10

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  • Great Quality
  • Perfect for any occasion
  • Easy to use

Duralash is one of the best and most popular options when it comes to false eyelashes now. Duralash individual lashes are designed to correct uneven lengths between individual eyelashes. The eyelashes are available in five different lengths, so no matter what your lash look is, you will find a good fit out of these individual lash sets.

Another great feature of Duralashes is the comfort of putting them on. The individual lashes are hand-made to be comfortable for the wearer during the application process. With the individual lash sets only taking about five minutes to apply by yourself, it is a great way to get the look you have always wanted without wasting a lot of time to get it done.

Like any other beauty products, it should be cared for and bleached over time. These can last for two weeks, but like your roots, you need to touch them up every so often.

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